Marvel’s What If…? looks quite interesting


It’s been roughly half a year since we got our first look at Marvel’s What If…? and Disney has randomly decided to release a new trailer today. Giving us an actual look at some of the different storylines this anthology series will contain, the different take on iconic MCU characters does look rather interesting. I never thought I would see T’Challa Starlord, but he’s front and center here.

Diehard comic fans have always taken issue with certain aspects of the MCU for how it changes character backstories to better fit the cinematic versions, but What If…? seems to change that. There’s not only the “Guardians of the Multiverse” here, but Captain Britain (going as Captain Carter), Steve Rogers Spider-Man, and Zombie Iron Man. I wouldn’t expect the live-action films to take inspiration here, but it’s cool to see Marvel pay lip service to some of the wackier ideas that the comics have implemented.

If all of that sounds interesting to you, What If…? will begin streaming on Dsiney+ starting August 11, 2021. New episodes will air each Wednesday, following up on Loki’s Wednesday slot once the series ends. I’m not sure how many are in this season, but I doubt Disney will cancel the show after just one.

Source: YouTube

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