Mary Elizabeth Winstead saves Die Hard 5 with loveliness


There aren’t many reasons for looking forward to the next Die Hard, not least since it’s being directed by a man with no clue about what made the early movies fun, but at least we now know the unfairly fetching Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be making a return appearance after being the only redeeming quality in the fourth entry, Live Free Or Die Hard. Winstead played John McClane’s daughter Lucy, and since A Good Day To Die Hard will be taking an entirely different tack by focusing on McClane rescuing his Moscow-based son, there was speculation Lucy would be conveniently brushed off the family tree.

There’s no indication how involved Winstead’s character will be, since the blog post by extra Ted Cross originally describing his work with the actress has now been deleted, but since she hasn’t been announced as part of the main cast, a brief cameo seems most likely. Of course, any Mary Elizabeth Winstead is better than no Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and I for one can’t stop saying Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I’ve included a gallery, which has nothing to do with her character in Die Hard but, you know, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

[via Bleeding Cool]