Massive Hobbit/Lord of the Rings box set announced


Are you ready to lay down some serious money for three really great movies and three not as good movies? Then you’ll want to head over to Amazon and sign up for an email alert for when you can buy “Middle Earth UCE (BD) [Blu-ray].” That’s they’re weird listing name for what is basically the ultimate edition of Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth efforts.

The box set comes complete with the extended editions of all six movies and all previously released bonus content (a truly massive amount of bonus content). On top of this you’ll get each movie bound in faux-leather books and a replica of the “Red Book of Westmarch,” which is the book that Bilbo and Frodo wrote their stories down in, that features artwork and sketches from the production. But the best part (not really) is the wooden shelf included that is “is crafted from solid wood with design selected by Peter Jackson.” I’m sure Peter Jackson really put a lot of thought into the selection.

At the moment there is no price point or release date issued, but when reports first cropped up the 30-disc set was coming out on October 4 at a price point of $800. 

Matthew Razak
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