Masters of the Universe finally gets release date


Sony has been teasing us with a He-Man and the Master of the Universe Movie for years now, but I always thought it was one of those things that was never going to happen. I mean, is anyone really chomping at the bit for 80s cartoon remakes anymore? Haven’t we been hurt enough?

Well, now Sony says it will happen and it will release on December 18, 2019. That’s a nice enough date, and shows that they think they could have a holiday tent pole with this film, meaning some money might actually go into it. Sadly, that probably means it want be as wonderfully cheesy as the Dolph Lundgren-led version. 

Right now I’m still hard pressed to believe it will even happen. They’re still struggling to get a script together and as of this news Terminator Salvation‘s McG is no longer in line to direct. 

Matthew Razak
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