Matrix reboot may not actually be a reboot


The Matrix should not be rebooted (even if there is a right way to do it). Hell, with the way the franchise dovetailed I’m not sure if it should come back in any form. But it is, of course, and we heard it was going to be a reboot. However, the probable screenwriter for the new film, Zak Penn,, is saying otherwise in a bit of a Twitter rant. 

Basically, we’re getting a Matrix universe, not a totally new Matrix franchise. Given the current state of Hollywood this makes total sense, and if you’ve read the Matrix comics or watched Animatrix as Penn suggests then you know there are a lot of other stories out there. 

I guess I can kind of see this working out as long as they’re full of great fight scenes, but as I said above the franchise could barely survive three films. Maybe there actually isn’t enough there to make an entire universe.

Matthew Razak
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