Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass could return to Bourne


It never really made sense to me why The Bourne Legacy didn’t have a bit more Matt Damon crossover to be a true passing of the torch for the series. Evidently, that was in the plans originally, but never came about so we got a sort of continuation of the series that wasn’t quite connected and felt like a reboot. In the end the film only did kind of well at the box office. Having learned from that (and wanting a mega hit), Universal is rumored to be working extra hard to get Matt Damon back into the series to perform a proper hand off to Jeremy Renner.

Of course that more than likely means a return of director Paul Greengrass to the series, as Damon has routinely said that his return would depend on Greengrass’. If the two do return a few questions are up in the air. It’s possible we’ll get two Bourne movies, one with Damon’s character and one with Renner’s, that will eventually merge into one kind of like Marvel did with Avengers. We might also get a single film with both actors or, in a really annoying prospect, series reboot that launches Renner as the new Bourne. 

We’ll let you know if things get finalized as for now this is all just rumor.

[Twitch, via /Film

Matthew Razak
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