Matt Reeves to direct one of 867 Frankenstein adaptations


Ok, there aren’t actually 867 Frankenstein projects in development, but it sure feels like there are.

Somehow between helming a They Live remake, adapting vampire novel The Passage and NOT making a Cloverfield sequel, Total Film reports that Matt Reeves has signed on to direct an adaptation of Kenneth Oppel’s yet published novel This Dark Endeavour. The novel, a prequel to Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, follows a young Victor Frankenstein as he journeys to find a mysterious alchemist who can create an Elixir of Life to save his twin brother Konrad. Also, there is a love triangle of sorts, because that’s what the kids like these days.

It was also recently announced that Sam Raimi’s production company Ghost House will be adapting Peter Ackroyd’s prequel novel The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein. Along with adaptations of Frankenstein centric comics I, Frankenstein and Wake the Dead, Tim Burton’s short turned feature Frankenweenie, Guillermo del Toro’s untitled modern take on the Frankenstein story and a sequel to My Name is Bruce titled Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, it’s safe to say that Hollywood is going a little Frankenstein crazy these days.

If there ends up being movie about a handsome Frankenstein’s Monster who falls in love with an emotionally unavailable girl who’s just misunderstood, would I be held liable if I burned down Hollywood?

[via Total Film]