Matt Reeves will not direct Ben Affleck in The Batman after talks break down


The Batman may be broken. Warner Bros. was in talks with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes/Let the Right One In director Matt Reeves to helm the new Batman film for the DCEU. According to The Hollywood Reporter/Heat Vision, the talks broke down. Reeves decided not to direct the latest Batman film, leaving Warner Bros. and the DCEU in search of a director and SOL.

As previously reported, Warner Bros. is also interested in getting Ridley Scott and Fede Alvarez as director. Scott seems like a massive longshot, however, since he mentioned late last year he has no interest in making a superhero movie.

The is just the latest problem for The Batman. A few weeks after Ben Affleck decided not to direct the movie, rumors began to circulate that Affleck no longer wants to be Batman. There are conflicting reports about the film’s script as well, with some sources stating that the studio and Affleck are happy with it, while other sources suggest the screenplay needs a major overhaul.

It seems like the DCEU still can’t get its stuff together. I wonder if The Batman will remain in limbo until people see the reactions to Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.

[via THR/Heat Vision]

Hubert Vigilla
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