Matthew Vaughn adapting Superior from Mark Millar


Matthew Vaughn, no stranger to comic book properties, and Mark Millar, no stranger to getting his comics adapted, are teaming up once again. Millar’s mini-series Superior, which sees its fifth issue today, has just been purchased by Vaughn, who intends to adapt it into a feature. There is no indication that Vaughn will actually direct the film, or if it’ll just be be made under Vaughn’s company, but I’d say it’s even money that he’ll wind up making it himself. I’m reading this series right now, and it reads like the Mark Millar from a few years ago, before the successes of Kick-Ass went to his head any made everything that comes out of him a jumbled, over-the-top mess. The premise is that a teenager with multiple sclerosis, an avid comic book fan, gets a chance to turn into his favorite hero, Superior. The powers, as far as the current issue proves, come at a terrible price.

Considering that the kid gets his powers from a monkey in a space suit, you have to understand that when I say this is Millar’s most reigned-in comic on the stands, you know that means his other work is basically crap on a plate stuffed with bombs in people’s wombs. It’s a comic I’m really enjoying right now, and I think it could make the jump to film beautifully.

[Via First Showing]