Max Landis discusses his rejected Pokemon pitch because he is Max Landis


Last week we reported that Legendary will bring Detective Pikachu to the big screen some time in the future, a project propelled in part by the popularity of Pokemon Go. Detective Pikachu seems like an unexpected way to do a live-action Pokemon film, and as it turns out, there were some other Pokemon pitches that just didn’t catch on.

Steve Weintraub of Collider had a chance to speak with Max Landis at the San Diego Comic-Con, and got him to spill the beans about his unused pitch for a Pokemon film. Just picture a cross between Harry Potter and Rocky.

Give it a watch below.

Max Landis Talks About His Pokemon Movie Pitch - San Diego Comic Con 2016

Max Landis can be a bit of a twerp sometimes (even when he has good ideas), but his pitch did sound kind of quaint and earnest. Then he gets all Max Landis-y because he’s Max Landis.

Classic Max Landis.

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[via Collider]
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