Max Landis penning Chronicle sequel


This one comes courtesy from Mr. Captain Obvious himself. Max Landis, writer of Chronicle, will be writing the sequel. In a story by Empire, Landis seems to be doing nothing but writing these days. But it seems Fox really wants him to focus on a Chronicle sequel. Which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense. The movie turned over stupid amounts of profit after only being in theatres for a month.

But what would the movie be about? Well, no one knows really. Join me after the break for a VERY SPOILERY look at where I think the sequel should go.

Okay, seriously. If you haven’t seen Chronicle yet, and you really want to, stop reading this post.

So anyway, now that the riff-raff are gone, let’s talk about this sequel. Chronicle had such a perfect ending, seeing one of the main characters being offed by accidental lightning, and the main guy himself getting impaled with a piece of art. That was such a solid ending. Where else would you go with this? Well, there are one of two options here. The first is you explore what happens after Matt flies away in Tibet. But that’d be boring, not to mention preposterous. Who would drive the central conflict? More super-humans? That just sucks away any and all realism that was present in the first movie.

Now, the other option is to explore who put that big crystal thing in the hole that gave them all their powers. You see, that could be interesting, but I’m still not a fan of it. All the mystery that was introduced by having this random hole in the ground goes away. It’s like what’s happening with the Space Jockey and Prometheus. Sure, it’s interesting to see where he came from. But the mystery is what was so appealing in the first place.

You know what I want out of a Chronicle sequel? Have it tie in to Mark Millar’s horribly neglected comic War Heroes. Wouldn’t that be awesome? A random incident in Seattle that fuels a whole revolution in the armed forces by taking samples from that crystal and turning it into a pill, which allows soldiers to have superpowers. Yes, I know that can never happen. But still, a boy can dream right?

[via Empire]