Meet David, be kind of creeped out by him in Prometheus

Happy Birthday David (Prometheus Viral)

We got a really brief glimpse at the birth of David, Prometheus‘s resident synthetic life form played by Michael Fassbender, and that glimpse has turned into a full-on product advertisement. I have to say, if the intention of this video was to make it a lot harder to get it up while looking at Michael Fassbender, mission accomplished. This overview of David’s abilities as an android that’s almost human enough is, for me, deeply unsettling in a way I’m super excited for. If this is indicative of some of the horror we’ve got to look forward to in Prometheus, my excitement levels are somewhere between “that time I got an Nintendo 64 at Christmas” and “losing my virginity.”

We’ve also got a poster for David’s product release in the gallery below. Man, Verizon’s tech really takes a leap forward by the 2180s.

[Poster via Mashable]