Meet Pixar’s first Princess


Pixar will be adding a movie to Jenika’s Princess Review list next year when they release Brave, the story of a Scottish princess who must reverse a terrible wish she is granted that brings great evil to her Highlands kingdom. Yes, something even more evil than a deep fried mars bar.

The concept art released earlier this year looked pretty cool, as you’d expect from an original Pixar fairy tale, but now we have the first official shot of Princess Mérida herself, looking somewhat reminiscent of Lily Cole and showing off her toxophilite skills. Word.

Despite forgetting about Ewan McGregor (understandable), the cast is a veritable who’s who of Hollywood Scots: Boardwalk Empire‘s Kelly Macdonald will voice Mérida, Billy Connolly will play King Fergus, Robbie Coltrane will be Lord Dingwall, Craig Ferguson will be Lord Macintosh, and Kevin McKidd will be Lord MacGuffin. Yes, Lord MacGuffin. Amazing. Emma Thompson and Julie Walters are the only Sassenach/English cast members, who will presumably be required to go method by adopting gruff accents and conveniently forgetting their purses when the bill arrives.

[via Collider]