Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas go for Expendables 3


Expendables 3 is shaping up to be even more overly full of action badassness as we get confirmation that Mel Gibson will indeed be playing the bad guy and that Antonio Banderas will be joining the already implausibly big cast of elder action stars. We pretty much knew that Gibson would be showing up thanks to Stallone’s Tweets, but Banderas is a bit of out-of-the-blue awesomeness. Fingers crossed his weapon of choice is a guitar case.

Of course the cast is down one after Bruce Willis had a bit of a falling out and he was “replaced” by Harrison Ford. I’m actually OK with the movie losing some people. A big giant cast is fantastic in concept, but in practice you’re really going to start losing the charm of having all these guys together if all of these guys are together. While moderation has never been something The Expendables has been about it could aid them here.

Who else do you think they should drop if anyone?

[via The Wrap]

Matthew Razak
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