Mel Gibson confirmed as Expendable 3 villian


The Expendables series is something that keeps seeming to work on premise alone. We’re all excited to see these action stars get together and do action, and while the movies don’t turn out terrible I’m always a bit disappointed they aren’t somehow more epic. For Expendables 3 I’m not going to get sucked back into th…. OH MY GOD MEL GIBSON IS THE VILLAIN

I’m back in. Unless Sylvester Stallone is yanking our chain by playing with previous rumors, then this could get awesome. I don’t like Mel Gibson as a person, but as a villain in a movie possibly getting punched in the face by Stallone he’s A-OK. With this addition to the cast we add Gibson to a line up of newcomers that was already stellar: Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes and Milla Jovovich. Things are shaping up to be completely amazing once again.

Matthew Razak
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