Memes can kill in upcoming Seth Rogen-produced Memetic adaptation


Did you know that memes can kill?

That’s right. Whether they be dank or spicy, I think we always knew that those cursed memes of Minions giving birth to Shrek-headed Sonic the Hedgehogs were going to herald the end of the world. Now with a partnership between Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, Josh Fagen, and Lionsgate we’re going to witness the meme-based bloodshed in live action!

A deal recently cut will see the production team adapt the 2014 graphic novel Memetic to the big screen. Written by James Tynion IV, the comic sees a meme that goes viral and causes any and all who see it to become obsessive and violent. It’s described as apocalyptic horror, so I’m guessing it gets real bad.

Sure, the real-world allusions seem fairly obvious and on-the-nose, but I think that if The Batman scribe Mattson Tomlin handles it all with a nod and a wink the adaptation could be something pretty entertaining.

Lionsgate Buying Graphic Horror Novel ‘Memetic’ For ‘The Batman’ Co-Writer Mattson Tomlin To Script; Point Grey & Boom! Studios Producing [Deadline]

Kyle Yadlosky
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