Men In Black 3 concludes trilogy *sound of snoring*


Director Barry Sonnenfeld has claimed his upcoming Men In Black III will conclude the trilogy of movies that blatantly was never intended to be a trilogy until some studio head decided he wanted to wring every last dime from a largely forgotten, barely loved franchise that Will Smith happened to be interested in making his comeback with. Apparently MIB3 will be ’emotionally warm, sad and happy,’ with the potential to reboot the franchise, because apparently that’s what everyone has…

Nope, turns out this is so boring I can’t be bothered writing any more about it. Is anyone actually looking forward to this? Really? Even if someone, somewhere, was peripherally interested in a second sequel to a franchise out of original ideas before the end of its first movie, the tumultuous production process (with half the movie supposedly being written during filming), tepid trailer and ten year gap between this and MIB2 don’t suggest greatness is on the way. I bet Will Smith won’t even say ‘Awww, hell naaaw!’, because he’s far too famous for that now. Why would you pay to see this when you could be frolicking in summer fields, kissing attractive people, eating ice lollies, or at the very least getting a fraction of the way through Xenoblade Chronicles?

[via MTV]