Men in Black 3 poster teases with Men in Black 3?


So, there’s this little indie flick called Men in Black 3 coming out next year. You may have heard of it. It’s supposed to be a sequel to Men in Black II, but to be honest, I only recall seeing the first Men in Black. I wonder… Do they make those little flashy thingies in real life? Because I quite possibly may have used it on myself after seeing that horrible mess of a sequel. Oh wait, maybe I do remember. Suffice it to say, I hope that, despite many production hitches along the way and script rewrites, Men in Black 3 will pull it out in the end and be, at the very least, entertaining and fun to watch.

Oh, and there’s a teaser poster for the movie which you can see after the jump. Let this set the tone for the creativity that lies ahead for this movie. This poster lets you know that, without fail, they will continue to make Men in Black movies.

[Via Collider]