MGM acquires rights to ABE, will turn into feature film


We try to bring you all the awesome short films we can with Flix for Short, but there a lot out there so we definitely don’t get them all. One of the ones we missed was a film by British writer/director/VFX artist Rob McCellan called ABE. Sorry about that, but you can check it out above and then join me in wishing that someone would let McCellan expand upon the horrifying and original idea of a robot turned serial killer.

Wish granted. MGM has picked up the rights to the short and is planning a feature film with McCellan himself writing and directing. Producers are on board and this seems like something that will actually happen. Of course one of the best things about short films is that they’re short and often when a concept is stretched out into a feature it doesn’t work anymore. I don’t think this will happen here as long as they keep the disturbing tone and questions about love and existence permeating the film. 

Think ABE can be stretched into a full length film?

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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