MGM replacing China with North Korea in Red Dawn remake


The upcoming remake of Red Dawn just got a little bit more craptacular. The original, also known as the Citizen Kane of “F*** YEAH AMERICA,” featured an invasion of America by the Soviet Union and other communist South American countries. The remake was set to have another Commie invasion, this time with the Chinese. Apparently, MGM didn’t want to draw the wrath of our eventual Chinese Overlords, as any on-screen Chinese symbols will be digitally replaced by the appropriate North Korean stand-ins. Flags, text, military symbols, the whole nine yards. I guess the North Koreans are a more palatable villain these days.

This smacks of some pretty heavy racism. Koreans and the Chinese look very different. As in, there’s going to be no questioning that the Chinese are invading the Midwest in this movie, albeit under a North Korean flag. MGM seems to be banking heavily on Americans not being able to tell Asian people apart. Frankly, though, it’s obvious why the change was made. American movies can rake in millions in revenue in China, and I doubt they’re going to see a movie where they’re the oppressive aggressor, only to be beaten by Thor, Wonder Woman, and that kid who almost played Spider Man. Actually, I’d see that movie in a second. Hell, maybe they just decided to make the Red Dawn remake into an adaptation of a crappy video game.

[Via Collider]