MGM wants a live action/CGI Pink Panther to exist for some reason


MGM is once again trying to bring back long lost franchises for some reason. The Pink Panther is definitely a series that’s struggled to keep afloat after the death of Peter Sellers (who played Detective Clouseau in the original films) with a cartoon show, several reboots (most recent attempt was in 2009 with Steve Martin), and all of the films have focused on Clouseau and his hunt for a jewel thief. But MGM wants to take a different approach to see if that works better. 

Directed by David Silverman (The Simpsons Movie, and several episodes of The Simpsons), Walter Mirisch and Julie Andrews producing (executive producer, and widow of the director of the original series) with Michael Price (co-producer of The Simpsons, and wrote a few later season episodes) in talks to write the script, the new Pink Panther film will be a live action/CG hybrid featuring a silent Panther, and no Clouseau, in an “international jewel heist caper.”

I don’t have the tightest of bonds with the Pink Panther, but I do support David Silverman. That man directed The Simpsons Movie, and more importantly, The Road to El Dorado, one of my favorite films of all time. I hope this Pink Panther movie to close to either one of those.

[via THR]