MGM wants Barbershop 3 to exist for some reason


What’s with MGM and their fascination with reviving comedies that don’t really deserve it? Just as they have done with Hot Tub Time Machine, MGM is currently in negotiations with Ice Cube over Barbershop 3. Let it be known that the last Barbershop, Barbershop 2: Back in Business, was over ten years ago (not including the Queen Latifah spin-off, Beauty Shop). 

But for as odd as this may seem, the original Barbershop is still a cult hit. I have a few friends who occasionally quote the “Who took my apple juice?” and “Rosa Parks did nothing but sit her Black ass down!” So as much as I don’t need another Barbershop (as much as I need a new Friday), others will get a kick out it. No other news yet as talk has just begun, but keep an eye on Flixist for more details in the coming year. 

[via Collider]