MGM wants Chris Pine for Robocop


A rumor has been circulating throughout Hollywood this week which claims that Chris Pine is MGM’s top choice for their Robocop remake. At least, that’s what TwitchFilm is reporting. Their claim is that MGM wants to go with a younger actor for Alex Murphy/Robocop/The greatest person ever committed to celluloid for broader audience appeal. Which, y’know, makes sense from a business perspective. But look at it from the perspective of Alex Murphy as a character. Murphy is a guy who’s been on the force for years, with a wife and a son. It just wouldn’t make sense to have a guy in his 30s play a role that’s better suited for an actor in his 40s. 

MGM, there are plenty of talented actors more deserving of the role than Chris Pine. Not to say Mr. Pine isn’t a good actor, he’s great! But how awesome would Guy Pierce be as Robocop? He’s at the top of my personal list of actors to play Murphy. Readers, what do you make of this? Are you down with the Pine playing Robocop, or would you rather have someone else?

[via TwitchFilm]