Michael B. Jordan and Jordan Vogt-Roberts team up for monster movie


Jordan Vogt-Roberts has shown that he can make a good monster movie with Kong: Skull Island and Michael B. Jordan has brought impassioned performances to movies that you wouldn’t always expect that in so the announcement that the two are teaming up for a monster movie should bring a smile to everyone’s face. Jordan will be producing the film, which will shoot in Vogt-Roberts’ hometown of Detroit, and it isn’t clear if he’ll star as well. They’re currently looking for a screenwriter to hammer out Vogt-Roberts’ ideas into a screenplay.

I’d argue that Vogt-Roberts had some growing to do with Skull Island. The movie benefited from a smart screenplay, but his action direction wasn’t as on point as it could have been. That’s actually why I’m excited for this (and his Metal Gear Solid film). With a bit more experience under his belt, I think he could be one of the better action directors around or at least a stalwart in the genre. 

Detroit is also rife for a good monster flick. The downturn of the city over the past decades is perfect for monster movie metaphor. There’s easy lines to be drawn between the automobile industries struggles since the crash, leading to poverty and desolation in the city, and some sort of monster attacking that city. We’ll have to see if it plays out.

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