Michael Bay may not return for Transformers 5


Ahh, the Transformers movie cycle persists unabated.

For those of you who don’t follow the production of these movies, the cycle goes like this. A bad Transformers movie is released. Critics savage it. The people involved push back against the haters. Michael Bay says he doesn’t want to do another one. Michael Bay is confirmed to be doing another one. Promises are made about the quality of the next film. A bad Transformers movie is released. Repeat until people stop going to see these movies or Paramount goes bankrupt.

In completely unrelated news, Michael Bay has indicated that he is not particularly interested in making a fifth Transformers. In an interview with Collider, Bay lamented how difficult the films are to make.

They’re hard. 4,000 people worked on [Age of Extinction], and it’s every day for two years, seven days a week… How long can you do Transformers, you know what I’m saying?”

This is actually the first time — to my knowledge — that Bay has mentioned the strain of making these movies. He usually talks about where the series could go next (literally saying “What the hell am I going to do next?” in the same interview), so maybe this is actually the end for Michael Bay’s Transformers.

[via: Collider]