Michael Bay producing found-footage time travel film


‘Splosionmeister Michael Bay is producing a found-footage time travel movie called Almanac. The film was written on spec by first-time screenwriters Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan, and is getting rushed into production. Almanac will be directed by Dean Israelite, marking his feature-film debut. They should just load this movie with first-timers for kicks. Boom mics in every shot, daily food poisonings from craft services.

There are no plot details to Almanac as of now, though the film is supposedly going to be in the same vein as Josh Trank’s Chronicle. Regardless, here’s my secret hope: it’s a movie that, through recently discovered flip books and zoetropes, reveals Benjamin Franklin to be a time-travelin’, Poor Richard’s Almanac writin’, kite flyin’, whoremongerin’ prince of poppers — WOOOO!

We won’t be seeing an end to found footage movies any time soon given how quick and easy they are to make. The found-footage horror anthology V/H/S just came out, Paranormal Activity 4 drops next Friday, and Barry Levinson’s The Bay will hit theaters on November 2nd. Expect to hear more about Almanac as the months progress.

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Hubert Vigilla
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