Michael Bay’s TMNT Action Figures Revealed


A board member on the action figure-themed Japanese forum ACToys has gotten their hands on the new TMNT action figures. And boy, do they look awful! Even by the standards of movie figures, these look pretty sub-par.

As Flixist’s Official Action Figure Correspondant™, I have sufficient experience with toys, so take it from me when I say these probably aren’t gonna be some cheap 4-pack Toys R’ Us exclusive or something. Based on the holes in their back, Raphael and Leonardo are pretty clearly missing some accessories. Mikey lacks the same orifice, and I bet Donatello’s backpack is covering a similar hole.

In all likelihood, these figures will be released at the current $12 pricepoint toy manufacturer Playmates is using for the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. They’ll probably get a ton of accessories, but here’s the problem with all this: these figures have some pretty crappy articulation.

Judging from the pictures, these figures don’t even move at the Big Five: neck, shoulders, waist, and hips. They’ve got the first four, but the figures seem to have exchanged hips for knee swivel…for some reason. Accessories are no use without articulation.

Anyway, these toys look bad and I don’t think you should buy them.

[Via i09]