Michael Bay thinks you should chill over TMNT changes


As Liz Rugg informs us over twelve minutes you’ll never get back, turtles are the pinnacle of art. It therefore came as no surprise when the internet reacted with uncharacteristic uproar and virtual pitchforks when word emerged that Michael Bay’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot would be rewriting the beloved quartet’s back story, making them altogether less mutant and a whole lot more alien.

Michael Bay has now responded to the controversy, suggesting the internet do what it does best and take a breath, chill out, and accept that sometimes changes happen. He makes a point of reminding his discerning fans that they haven’t read the script and the writers, working with one of the Turtles’ original creators, are including ‘everything that made you become fans in the first place’ and ‘building a richer world’ with an expanded, more complex back story. Fans have reacted positively, issuing such statements as “Micheal, I trusted you with Transformers. I trust you with this [Smiley Face]” and “The only thing I really want, that may be a little dated, is for Michelangelo to say cowabunga; at least once.” Well done, internet: imagine how sarcastic you could have been if you’d really tried.

[via Shoot For The Edit]