Michael Bay will direct Black 5 as Sony is set to produce


I am a not-so-proud Michael Bay fan. Or, to be more precise, I am a fan of Michael Bay when he isn’t direction Transformers movies he clearly doesn’t care about. The man use to be able to direct action, he’s actually got a pretty good eye for cool shots, and when he cares he can put together some great stuff so it’s only with slight trepidation that I report that Bay will most likely be directing Black Five for Sony.

That trepidation is even less so because it isn’t really clear what the heck Black 5 is aside from an action flick based on an original idea from Michael Bay. Evidently, this isn’t just a movie either as a video game of some sort is in the works. That’s a bit unique as full blown film tie-in games haven’t been a thing for nearly a decade, but if anyone can make a movie that can function as a video game as well it’s Michael Bay.

Right now, Bay is finishing up Six Underground for Netflix but Variety reports that Black 5 will get underway in 2020 sometime. After that it seems the director will have to direct a film involving the number four and then three and so on. In the future we’ll be discussing the thematically connected six-film series that changed cinema forever.

Michael Bay to Direct Action Pic ‘Black 5′ [Variety]

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