Michael Bay will direct Transformers 4, weeping ensues


The Transformers series may be easy bank at the box-office, but suffering a serious case of creative bankruptcy. The first one was a lot of fun, but the second entry was terrible and the third even worse. Director Michael Bay originally announced that he wouldn’t be back to helm a fourth entry, raising hope for the series to be able to get back on track with a fresh eye behind the camera. Sadly, Bay has now changed his mind, according to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and the movie will release on June 29th 2014.

Well, crap. It is said creativity is born from limitations and Bay’s unfettered self-indulgence, whether for questionable racist caricatures or trying to prove himself an honorary Coen Brother by hiring all the same actors, has been the death knell of whatever possibility existed for a streamlined, entertaining Transformers movie. Di Bonaventura says the movie will be a reboot, which would have been the right strategy – and great for toy sales! – had it applied to the director as well. Still, at least that shrieking doofus Shia LaBeouf has been dumped. But then again, we know how little the word of this lot is worth…

[via The Hollywood Reporter and Collider]