Michael De Luca joins production team of Suicide Squad 2


As we all know the DC Cinematic Universe is in trouble. Despite the fantastic Wonder Woman, Justice Leagueu fell flat with critics and audiences. So DC began a shift in those making the films, moving producers around and bringing in fresh eyes. Michael De Luca moving in to produce Suicide Squad 2 is part of this, and signals an attempt by the studio to shift things around as the original film’s producer, Charles Roven, is joined by him

Roven, who will still get lead producer credits, says he’s happy to have De Luca on board, but this can’t really be seen as anything less than WB attempting to right a ship that’s been sailing the wrong way for years. De Luca definitely should bring something different, as most of his production credits are for far more dramatic and cerebral films. Hopefully an influx of new producers can help get the movies where they need to be so that we can all start enjoying these things instead of coming out of the theater depressed that WB has made a bigger and bigger mess. 

‘Suicide Squad 2’: Michael De Luca Joins Charles Roven on Producer Team [Variety]

Matthew Razak
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