Michael Fassbender can recognize his own penis


Some people have told me that I am obsessed with Michael Fassbender’s penis, but I don’t think that’s fair. Just because I talk about it all the time and make jokes and whatever doesn’t mean it “preoccupies or fills my mind continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent”. Anyways, the above video is of someone who actually is obsessed with it, and asked Fassbender on the Golden Globes red carpet to name a series of penises. Fassbender was mostly successful, and has now been dubbed a “penis expert” by the questioner, whose name I didn’t bother to learn before writing this. It’s pretty funny, and if you’ve ever wondered about Michael Fassbender’s ability to recognize famous penises (and to that I would ask Really?!), you can now have some definitive answers.

As far as safety in the work place environment goes, everything naughty is blurred, but chances are you wouldn’t want your boss to see it even, so keep that in mind. 

[MTV Movies, via NYMag]