Michael Fassbender lined up for Jane Got A Gun


Michael Fassbender is reportedly in talks to star alongside Natalie Portman in Jane Got A Gun, a Western to be directed by We Need To Talk About Kevin‘s Lynne Ramsey. The story concerns a young woman whose outlaw husband returns home in a bloody mess and with confederate gunmen on his trail. She enlists the help of a former lover, supposedly the role Fassbender is being considered for, to help defend her home.

Fassbender’s one of the industry’s most in-demand actors and would have to fit the movie into a schedule also including Ridley Scott’s The Counselor and the X-Men: First Class sequel, Days Of Future Past. He already has a Western of sorts on his CV, although Jonah Hex is such an unmitigated disgrace it barely qualifies as a film. Jane’s Got A Gun has an interesting mix of talent behind it, a black list script and no sign of Megan Fox, thereby already making it a considerable improvement on every level.

[via Vulture]