Michael Fassbender might consider Robocop maybe sort of


Seems like professional handsome man Michael Fassbender might be interested in playing my favorite action star ever: Robocop. When asked about it in a recent interview with Collider, Fassbender said:

You know, I’m always open. I’ll take a look at the script and sit down with the director and have a conversation…If I react to the script, then I’m up for anything.

Basically, he’s open to reading the script, and has no qualms putting on the suit, but there are no guarantees. Let’s just hope that José Padilha can get a script out that’s just as brilliant and badass as the original. 

Honestly, I’d love to see Fassbender as Alex Murphy; The role requires a certain charm and level of authority. MGM gunning for a younger actor for the Murphy role literally makes no sense. Why would someone as young as Chris Pine be already married with a ten-year-old son and have a very nice position within the Detroit police force? As much as I love the idea of Fassbender as Murphy though, I’d really like to see some other actors to try out for the role. As I’ve probably said in a past post, Guy Pearce would be another great choice to play Murphy. Then again, I’m a lowly internet blogger. What do I know about casting for a Robocop reboot?

[via Collider]