Michael Fassbender producing/starring in Assassin’s Creed


We knew that Ubisoft had basically gone rouge with its big screen plans to make an Assassin’s Creed film since they backed out of a deal with Sony to produce and decided to go it on their own. What we didn’t know is that they’d be going after an actor to tackle the role with such a big… talent. The gaming studio has brought on Michael Fassbender to produce and star in the upcoming film based on their hit videogame franchise.

Fassbender will indeed be donning the Assassins’ hood as the film’s hero, though no actual word on the plot has been revealed so we don’t know if that means he’ll be playing Altair or a completely different ancestor of Desmond’s. We’re not even sure if the whole memory hacking thing will be in the film, though with Ubisoft producing the entire thing and then selling it to studios it’s pretty easy to assume they’ll be sticking close to the game they created. I’m sure they don’t want another Prince of Persia on their hands after that both sucked and failed to sell tickets.

As for the casting of Fassbender, it’s a great choice. The guy can act up a storm in any situation and has the looks for the role. The games should be pretty easy to make into a film as well as they lend themselves to plenty of action and intrigue.

[via Variety]

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