Michael Fassbender top choice for Robocop


This is the best way to start my weekend. After announcing that his direction for the new Robocop won’t take any pages from Paul Verhoven’s original, Jose Padhila has let everyone know that his top choice for Robocop is Michael Fassbender. EEEEEEEE!

After seeing him in Inglorious Basterds, and finally getting around to X-Men First Class, I can safely say that Fassbender would make an excellent Robocop. However, just because an actor is wanted by a director, it doesn’t mean much of anything. Last I recall, MGM wanted to go younger, wanting Chris Pine to portray the best cop in all of cinema. I think MGM would be fools to pass on Fassbender, the guy is tremendous. 

Padhila is set to meet with Fassbender in the “very near future”, so let’s hope that the director has a good enough story to pitch.

[via ScreenRant]