Michael Green now writing new Wolverine movie


People hated X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but people seemed to like The Wolverine, so a sequel presses on. Following the Fast and Furious school of naming, Hugh Jackman’s one final ride will be called simply: Wolverine. Snappy.

The project’s original writer, David James Kelly, has now been replaced with a new fella, one Michael Green, one of the writers of Green Lantern, and he’s also written early episodes of Heroes and Smallville. There’s no word as to what the plot of this movie is going to be, but one assumes Logan (known also, surprisingly, as Wolverine) will get into a scrappy situation, which he will then have to claw his way out of.


Which he will then have to claw his way out of. 

Okay, thank you. We have fun here. Strangely, the announcing press release came delivered on a single roll of parchment that was empty, save for four lines:

Michael Green
Writes for the screen
He’ll set the scene
In Wolverine

[via /Film]