Michael K Williams in talks for Robocop remake


I spent way too much time deciding whether or not to start this post with an obligatory “Omar comin’, yo”. In the end I decided against it because I thought you, the faithful reader, would appreciate me not taking the easy route. I will, however, take the opportunity to link to (yet again) his amazing Legos monologue from Community. You’re welcome (I think).

Heat Vision reports that Michael K. Williams, most known for his role as Omar Little in The Wire and under appreciated for his role as Chalky White in Broadwalk Empire, is currently in negotiations to co-star in the upcoming Robocop remake being helmed by Jose Padilha (Elite Squad series, Bus 174). If the deal goes through, Michael K. Williams role will be that of as Alex Murphy’s long time (human) partner. Williams would be another fine addition to the already stellar cast consisting of Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earl Haley and Jay Baruchel. Ok, not so much Jay Baruchel, but still.

Somebody should check on Maxwell Roahrig … I’m pretty sure his dick exploded upon hearing the news.

[via Heat Vision]