Michael Mann is gonna get him some Gold


I am a tremendous Michael Mann fan. I adore his body of work. I even love the Jaime Foxx/Andres BolivarColin Farrell Miami Vice. As such, I’m always excited to hear about his upcoming projects, and this one’s a doozy. He’s attached himself to direct Gold, a thriller written by Patrick Masset and John Zinman. Few details are available on the project, other than that it’s “set around a ruthless search for the precious metal,” and it’s been compared to Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which is about as big a claim as you can get. Why not say it’s a modern-day equivalent of Lawence of Arabia, why don’t you?

That said, this sounds like it could be a pretty cool project. While I’m sad that Mann’s not pursing some of the other projects that he’d been developing, this has the makings of a decent movie. Just so long as it’s not as bad as Public Enemies.

[Via /Film]