Michael Mann is making a movie you want to see


Someone somewhere needs something to go down soon, and that someone is Michael Mann.

Deadline is reporting that Heat and Public Enemies director Michael Mann is approaching his next project. It’s down to two potential films, each very different from the other. One is Big Tuna, a story of Chicago criminals Tony Accardo, Sam Giancana, and Jim Halpert. Psst, one of those is a joke.

The other is a medieval tale about the battle of Agincourt, based off of Bernard Cornwell’s Agincourt, which centers around an archer who so impresses King Henry V that he is saved from a death sentence.

As much as I love Michael Mann making movies about crime and gritty people and such, I’d LOVE to see something like this Agincourt movie. It seems way outside of his recent comfort zone.

Michael Mann Mulls Mob Movie, ‘Agincourt’ [Deadline]