Michael Mann set to direct the true crime series Tokyo Vice for HBO Max


Michael Mann, I will contend any day of the week, is one of the all-time greatest filmmakers. Most people know Heat and Collateral, masterpieces they are, but you dive further into the man’s work–Thief, Manhunter, The Insider–and it becomes clear Mann’s obsessive eye for detail rivals that of Stanley Kubrick. Adapting the Jake Adelstein’s 2009 memoir of the same name, Tokyo Vice will see Mann returning to television for a peek inside the world the Japanese yakuza.

Adelstein’s book details his time in the ’90s as the sole foreign reporter admitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Press Club, where he covered the seediest of crimes, eventually leading to rubbing up dangerously close to yakuza. The book is a terrific read, and highly recommended as a primer for Mann’s series.

Set to be a ten-part series for HBO Max, the upcoming streaming service by WarnerMedia, Tokyo Vice will see Mann’s first directing job since 2015’s Blackhat. He previously produced the horse-betting drama Luck for HBO, starring Dustin Hoffman, though that was cancelled due to concerns over animal safety. Mann is only confirmed for Vice‘s pilot episode at this time, though is expected to 

Tokyo Vice will star Ansel Elgort in the role of Adelstein, with Ken Watanabe joining in an unannounced role. Adelstein took to Twitter to post some images of Mann and company in Japan, in pre-production for the series.

No word on Tokyo Vice‘s release to HBO Max has been made, but with the service debuting in the Spring of 2020, we can expect to wait awhile longer for the crime series to hit the small screen. Stay tuned for any and all Michael Mann news.

‘Tokyo Vice’: Michael Mann to Direct Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe in HBO Max Pilot [Collider]