Michael Pena joins the neverending Tom and Jerry feud


For nearly eight decades, an eternal struggle has existed between two immortal beings. One a mouse and the other a cat, the two were created with the intention of thwarting the other while causing a massive disrupt. We don’t know what started the madness, other than some innate hatred for the other simply based on speciesism and the natrual order of the food chain, but on and on the dance goes. Though, on the rarest of occasions, the two have set aside their difference for a larger common enemy. 

With the newest iteration of the classic Tom and Jerry rivalry taking shape, the upcoming film has added Michael Peña to its cast. The live-action animated film is set to start production this summer, and Peña has been slated as the antagonist. A Deputy Manager of the hotel Jerry is living in, Peña’s Terrance tests his wits against both cat and mouse and their new human friend, Kayla (Chloe Grace Moretz). 

Tom and Jerry is set to hit theaters in 2021. 

Michael Peña Joins Hybrid ‘Tom & Jerry’ Movie At Warner Bros. [Deadline]

Nick Hershey