Michael Shannon to be heavily CGI’ed in Man of Steel


I really do try to keep positive about Man of Steel. I really, really do. Nothing would make me happier than to finally see another Superman movie worth a damn. The more I learn about it, though, the less enthused I am. And I’m pretty damn unenthusiastic already, so you see I don’t have a lot of wiggle room here. Michael Shannon, one of my favorite underrated actors of our time, confirmed in an interview with Moviefone that he is shooting on set using a motion capture suit, and that his costume will be CGI’ed in later on. If you’ve seen the set photos on other sites featuring a dude in a black and white jumper, that was probably Michael Shannon. 

What’s far more troubling is the implication Shannon leaves that Zack Snyder basically ignored the actor’s reservations, as a performer, with working in a mocap suit. You can read the exact quote on the matter below the cut, but the whole thing doesn’t inspire me with confidence, what with the fact that Snyder lied to an actor to get him to sign. 

Also, Snyder sounds like a complete bro. F*** that guy.

[Via Moviefone]

Yeah, it’s one of the most humiliating garments that exists in the known universe, yes. It’s very tight. It has a variety of different colors and shapes on it and it makes you feel like you’re the court jester. And it’s funny because when I met with Zack we were talking about it before it started and he mentioned that there was going to be a lot of CGI, or whatever. I said, ‘Just don’t make me wear one of those silly suits.’
He said, ‘Oh, yeah, don’t worry, I know exactly what you’re talking about.’

I was like, ‘It’s going to be really hard for me to be intimidating if I have to wear one of those silly suits.’ He said, ‘I totally understand.’
Then I showed up and he’s like, ‘Dude, I swear to God, it’s going to be so bad ass when we’re done. Trust me, it’s going to be wicked.’ And, you know, people understand and you get used to it. The first day, you feel like you’re getting rushed by a fraternity… and then it wears off the next day. Because I’m not the only one wearing one – there are other people wearing them, too.