Michael Stephenson: they’re working on Troll 3


In a recent interview with Collider’s Scott Wampler, when asked about the possibility of a “Troll 3”, Troll 2 child-star and Best Worst Movie director Michael Stephenson says that Claudio Fragasso, the director of Troll 2, has “written a script, [and] he’s working with Italian producers and getting it financed, and they’re seeming really intent on making it.” Wat.

Stephenson goes on to say in the interview that he’s not sure if he would partake in a Troll 2 sequel, saying that cult movies “happen organically, and they come into that cult status on their own without any design or advice to put it there.  [They] happen naturally.” The interviewer says that though he agrees with Stephenson, he would totally watch the crap out of that movie. As would I. Stephenson then puts the idea into perspective by saying that the sequel would have to be from Fragasso’s and his wife Rosella Drudi’s hearts, and not just about capitalizing on the cult phenomenon that Troll 2 has become. Fair enough.

[Via Collider]