Michel Hazanavicius working on a remake of The Search


Hey, remember the Oscars? Those were last night! Crazy, right? Our gal Friday, Max Roahrig, was at the press jungle trying to get his questions answered. He’ll be writing a full article on his experiences, which sounds pretty cool. When Michel Haznavicius came out to the interview room, fresh off of winning the Best Director award for The Artist, he announced the next project he would be working on: a remake of the 1948 film The Search, directed by Fred Zinnerman. The original film is about an American army private who helps a young Czech boy find his parents after World War II. Haznavicious said, on his take on the film, that, “[he] would like to make an adaptation of this movie and it’s a melodrama with a political background and it would it would be a modern movie, I mean, today, and it will be with Berenice [Bejo, Haznavicius’s wife and female lead in The Artist]. “

This sounds like an interesting picture. I’m very interested to see how he’ll be modernizing a story that feels pretty firmly rooted in post-WWII politics. I don’t suppose it would be too difficult to transplant this into a Middle East or Eastern Europe warzone. Either way, I’m always looking forward to more Michel Haznavicious movies.

Also, Jean Dujardin has nothing to do with this story, but I made a header with him in it because he’s easy on the eyes.