Midnight Riders to make you swoon over Paul Revere


If you’re a fan of the American Revolution – wearing three-cornered hats and dumping tea into the ocean with regularity – then you might be interested in a new film by the American Film Co., the production company behind the recently released Robert Redford film The Conspirator. They’ve bought the rights to David Hackett Fischer’s Paul Revere’s Ride and plan on producing a film, Midnight Riders, based on that book. To this end, Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone, writers of Intolerable Cruelty, have been hired to craft the script. It is safe to assume that the production is completely unrelated to the fake rock band.

Midnight Riders is described as an “action-espionage thriller,” concentrating on the ride of Paul Revere and the lesser known William Dawes prior to the battles of Lexington and Concord. American’s Brian Falk tells that the film “is a historically accurate swashbuckler about the spark of the American Revolution, with horses, gunfights, swords, and a little bawdiness.” Special attention will be paid to the espionage portions of the event, such as how Revere and Dawes obtained their information.

An “action-espionage thriller” about the American Revolution sounds pretty awesome to me, even though no director has been announced yet. The only thing that concerns me? Most portraits of Paul Revere bear a striking similarity to a shaven Jack Black. Let’s hope the casting director doesn’t notice the similarity as well.

[24 Frames via Collider]