Mike Myers in talks for Austin Powers prequel – on stage?


It still remains to be seen whether or not Austin Powers 4 will ever get produced. But even if studios decide that we’ve had enough of the James Bond parody, we might not have seen the last of the character.

Mike Myers is discussing the idea of an Austin Powers musical with Casey Nicholaw, the director of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s The Book of Mormon. Myers would write the musical as a prequel to the three films, set in 1960s London and exploring just how Powers got his mojo in the first place.

If this musical pans out, it might give the franchise enough of a boost to push Austin Powers 4 into production. Until that point, however, let us just hope that the ’60s setting precludes all the annoying pop culture references that permeated the third film and now make it incredibly dated.

[Via JoBlo]