Mila Kunis and Adam Scott may appear in Seth McFarlane’s Ted


We previously told you about Mark Wahlberg appearing in Ted (formerly Teddy Bear), Seth MacFarlane’s directoral debut about a man who lives with a teddy bear he wished to be alive when he was a kid. Now, /Film says MacFarlane plans to add a few more players to the mix, as Mila Kunis and Adam Scott are currently in talks to appear in the film.

Mila Kunis would play the girlfriend of Marky Mark’s character, who is fed up with the teddy bear’s presence and wants it gone so they can take their relationship to the next level. Kunis has worked with MacFarlane for years on Family Guy, where she voices Meg Griffin and Seth MacFarlane voices at least half the other voices, so I’m sure she could work well for his new project and play off his voicing of the teddy bear well.

Kunis will vent her frustrations to her “cad of a boss,” the role that Adam Scott would play. It’s easy to see how the romantic tension will evolve in this film.

It sounds like a fun project, so I’m looking forward to it, being a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s humor. Admittedly, that has been limited to his sitcoms on Fox, so I wonder how he will present his jokes when he can’t use intrusive cutaways every 30 seconds like on Family Guy.

[via /Film]