Miller Making More Mad Max Maybe


Mad Max: Fury Road is amazing. It’s my favourite of the Mad Max movies, and it’s almost certainly going to go down as one of the best action movies of this decade. I can only hope it will be massively influential, too, but time will tell. It’s done okay at the box office, but it hasn’t been such a runaway success that the planned sequels could be guaranteed.

It looks like there was no need to worry.

George Miller joined twitter over the weekend to let everybody know that “there’s more Max to come,” which is a relief and a delight to everybody! In addition, on The Q&A Podcast last night, he revealed that the sequel has a new title in Mad Max: The Wasteland. The title Mad Max: Furiousa had been thrown around before, and whether The Wasteland is the same script re-titled, there’s no way to tell. But either way, I’m already excited.

Now we just have to wait and see whether any of these actually happen. Fury Road took about twenty years to get off the ground, so anything’s possible.