Minecraft: The Documentary


Here’s some behind the scenes Flixist information for you: if I’m ever not on the site for a day or two at a time, it’s because I had a breakthrough in my Minecraft mining/building operation, and I’m balls-deep in the very bowels of the earth. Minecraft, aside from being an amazing game, is one of those rare Cinderella stories, with a single Swedish game designer with a little idea that turns into a genuine phenomenon. Now, a project is coming together on Kickstarter called Minecraft: The Story of Mojang. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a full-length documentary chronicling the origins and massive rise of Minecraft, a game that has sold millions of copies and hasn’t even gone past the beta stage yet. The film, originally a twenty-minute short from 2 Player Productions, is looking to raise $150,000 through Kickstarter by the end of next month.

The story of Minecraft is really amazing, and I think the world needs more good gaming documentaries that don’t accidentally portray their subject matter in a negative light. Check out 2 Player Productions’s video pitch below the cut, and head over to Kickstarter to knock in a few bucks. You can also see the original twenty-minute short documentary over at Gametrailers.com.

[Via Kickstarter]